2018 Theme

The Theme of the IHC 2018 is ‘Halal Industry: Growth, Issues and Solution’. There will be 8 sessions including a special break-out session covering different topics related to Halal Industry: 

Session 1. Halal and Healthy Lifestyle

·       How Halal relates to healthy lifestyle
·       Non-Muslims perception towards Halal
·       Promoting Halal to Non-Muslims

Session 2. Halal Certification & Guidelines

·         Australian Halal Certification: Challenges, solutions and future
·         Moving towards Global Halal Standards
·         How Halal Certification plays a role in non-food products

Session 3. Halal Trade & Economy

·         Mechanism to Promote Halal Industry
·         Muslims Perception on Non-Muslims Halal Companies
·         How Halal Industry Playing a role in Australian Trade & Economy

Session 4. Islamic Investment & Finance

·         The Future of Islamic Finance in Australia
·         Pureness of Islamic Finance: Macro and Micro levels
·         Potential Market in Islamic Investment

Special Break-out Session. International Halal Standards & Guidelines

Session 5: Halal Medicine and Treatment

·         Future of Halal Medical Products in Australia
·         Islam and Modern Medical Treatment
·         Halal Medicine and Labelling

Session 6. Islamic Travel & Tourism

·         Travel and Tourism from Islamic Perspectives
·         Scope of Islamic Tourism & Hospitality in Australia
·         How Islamic Tourism & Hospitality can attract non-Muslims

Session 7. Islamic Fashion & Design

·         Muslim women and modest fashion
·         How can Islamic Fashion attract non-Muslims
·         Apprehensions on Islamic Wearing in the West

Each session is followed by a question/answer segment. Each topic is delivered by well-known international and local speakers, see details on following pages. 



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