About IHC

International Halal Conference (IHC) 2018 is a part of the Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018. The objectives of the Conference are to:

– Create awareness about Halal food, products and services in Muslims and non-Muslims through delivering knowledge and information.

– Develop social harmony and understanding between diverse people of Islamic and non-Islamic backgrounds.

– Establish a hub for researchers, scholars, leaders, academics and business operators who work on Halal products & services as well as provide a platform for those who seek knowledge on Halal and Halal lifestyle.

International Halal Conference (IHC) is an excellent platform for Researchers, Academics, Islamic organisations, Islamic scholars, Islamic leaders, interfaith dialogue pleaders, Halal certification bodies, representatives of Government agencies, and Halal industry players, to meet, speak and seek consensual resolutions on critical issues related to Halal industry in ethical, professional and harmonious environment. It is platform where speakers conclude resolutions for the furtherance and betterment of Halal industry. In addition to imparting specific knowledge related different fields of Halal industry the participants also share their experience and expertise with those who are not well versed or clear about the importance of Halal products & services in the Australian trade and economy.


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