IHC 2016 Event

International Halal Conference (IHC) 2016 was a part of the Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2016. The theme of the IHC 2016 was ‘Islam, Halal Industry and Australia’. It is held at the most popular and beautiful location of Darling Harbour, Sydney on Saturday 9th of April 2016.


The conference was attended by the eminent and leading Islamic Scholars, Academics, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and top Government Officials. They undertook the wide range of issues related to halal lifestyle and the crucial issues related to halal industry. They openly discussed and explored resolutions on the issues related to the Halal and Halal Lifestyle in the larger interest of the Islamic Community in Australia and Pacific Region.

The Speakers discussed steps to enhance and strengthen the network of the Halal industry and its products/services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region while planning to widen the Halal network to other countries and regions.

The IHC 2016 was acknowledged by the esteemed delegates as a unique opportunity to interact each other, enhance their network and share their knowledge on Halal and Halal Lifestyle.

The Conference was opened with the recitation of the versus of Holy Quran by Sheikh Mahmound El Azhari, followed by ‘Welcome to the Country’ honouring the indigenous of the land (Australia) by famous elder uncle Charles (Chicka) Madden. Ms. Sarwat Hassan and Mr. Rahmatullah Hussainizada hosted the conference.

Sheikh Shady Al Suleiman (Australia), Dr. Winai Dahlan (Thailand), Dr. Pakorn Priyakorn (Thailand), Dr. Hussain Mohi-Ud-Din Qadri (Pakistan), Mr. Talal Yassine (Australia), Mr. Hakan Ozyon (Australia), Mr. Zulkifly Md Said (Malaysia), Mr. Umar Munshi (Singapore), Mr. Peter Gould (Australia) and Ms Hanifa Deen (Australia), and Bilal Unal (Australia) spoke on critical subjects related to the Halal Industry and Halal Life Style.

This was the first time in Australia when these top scholars, academics and entrepreneurs, delivered scholarly talk on the most interesting subjects related to halal affairs in Islam.

The following are the topics covered in the conference:

  • ‘The Halal – A Healthy Lifestyle’ by Sheikh Shady Suleiman
  • ‘The Science behind Halal Slaughter’ by Dr. Winai Dahlan
  • ‘Halal Certification Global Standard & Guidelines’  by Dr. Pakorn Priyakorn
  • ‘Islam on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ by Dr. Hussain Mohi-Ud-Din Qadri
  • ‘The Power of Investing Islamically’ by Mr. Talal Yassine
  • ‘Islamic Finance & Investment in the Global Economy’ by Mr. Hakan Ozyon
  • ‘Islamic Tourism and Muslim Ummah’ by Mr. Zulkifly Md Said
  • ‘Islamic Real Estate, powered by Community’ by Mr. Umer Munshi
  • ‘Halal Branding and Islamic Economy’ by Mr. Peter Gould
  • ‘From Indifference to Islamophobia’ by Mrs. Hania Deen,
  • ‘Proactive Halal Lifestyle’ by Bilal Unal

The conference attracted the 150 top representatives of national and international organisations, diplomatic missions and halal business. The full coverage of the IHC 2016 and the white paper will be released by Tribune International (Australia) soon.


The founding director of the IHC 2016, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, in his welcome address said that the IHC would play a vital role in understanding and resolving critical issues related to Australian Halal Industry and the obligatory halal affairs related to the Australian Muslims. ‘Overwhelming and continuous success of the Halal Expo events (Sydney & Melbourne) and now Halal Conference proved that people of multicultural Australia deal their issues with respect and harmony’ said Mr. Hassan.

The success of the first IHC 2016 further elevated the interest of the Australians especially Australian Muslims in the festival style Halal Expo Sydney which was on next day that is on Sunday 10 April 2016, at Fairfield Showground. Halal Expo Sydney was the 2nd event in Sydney this year, over 120 Halal exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors attended this a daylong event.

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