Role of Media in Halal Affairs

The Journalists and media within Islamic world have more responsibility to work closely with religious leaders and scholars and convince them to come out and provide messages of unity and harmony on divisive matters especially issues like related to Halal industry. They can play a vital role in providing great service to the Muslims and everyone by publishing information especially in digital contents, like publishing interviews of Islamic scholars, knowledge-based articles, debates, talk shows etc.

For example; in Australia the biggest issue is the Halal Certification which is not a regulatory requirement for Halal industry players. Therefore, different religious and community organisations have their own defined procedures and practices of issuing the Halal Certification and they are in a race of competing others. The Islamic media can bring them together, provide them a platform to discuss their conflicting issues and create consensus among them.

This session will address the following topics:
1. Role of Media as driver of consumers’ interest in Halal
2. The Role of Media creating awareness of Halal

There will be an open forum where the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and moderator.

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