Miriam Tulevski

Miriam Tulevski

Miriam Tulevski is Country Manager (Sydney) for the Visit Indonesia Tourism Office. She is the founding and executive director of Indo a Go-Go, a travel and lifestyle marketing company with a focus on Indonesia. She is also the director of Asia Pacific Market Development – an award-winning product development and manufacturing business.

Her areas of specialisation include Indonesia, strategy, business development and communications.

In her role as Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer Miriam’s objective is to grow the number of travellers into Indonesia. This is to support Indonesia’s goal of 20 million travellers within the next three years. Halal tourism is a key feature of this growth.

Miriam holds MBA from graduate school of management, the AGSM at University of NSW.

Miriam will be speaking on ‘How Halal Tourism can be promoted in the region’.


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