Mohammed Wasif Mirza

Mohammed Wasif Mirza

Mohammed Wasif Mirza is the National Halal Manager for Australian Halal Authority and Advisers a renowned Halal Certification Body in Australia and Abroad.  He is actively involved in Halal Certification and is also the lead auditor for Australian Halal Authority and Advisers due to his extensive experience in the Halal industry for red meat and food products.  He is directly involved in the supervision of Professionals such as Food Technologists and Shariah Advisors who assist in the Halal Certification processes.

He also holds a Masters of Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University which allows him to practising as a Migration Agent, helping asylum seekers and all types of Visa applicants to migrate and settle in Australia.

Actively working in the Muslim community, he is a mentor and inspiration for many youth who are looking at implementing an Islamic way of life that is in cohesion with the demands of modern society, including many individuals who have been through substance abuse and difficult upbringings.


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