Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai

Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai

Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai is an internationally reputed Shariah scholar and Islamic finance expert who is a Shariah Advisor and member of Infinity’s Shariah Supervisory Board. He currently serves as Shariah Advisor to various Islamic financial institutions and educational institutes around the world including Ideal Ratings, Southern African Consultant, Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, Centre for Advanced Islamic Economics, Hejaz Financial Services, Zero Mortgage, Jenuard Holdings AG, Al- Mabroor Investments besides other Islamic investment firms and real estate funds around the world.

Mufti Ismail has developed various Shariah auditing, governance and risk management standards for Islamic financial institutions and has issued several hundred expert legal opinions (fatwas) with a special focus on Islamic finance and economics. Mufti Ismail holds a Master’s in Islamic Finance and a Master’s in Islamic Theology from the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, Durban, South Africa.

Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai also has a qualification in banking from the London School of Economics. He has conducted transactions and deal advisory for Islamic Finance worth over 1 Billion USD. Mufti Ismail has also delivered speeches at various international conferences, seminars and forums on Islamic Finance and Banking. Mufti Ismail has authored several works and delivered several research papers on the different topics.

Mufti Ismail Ebrahim Desai will be speaking on ‘Global Perspective on Islamic Finance


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